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Whether you are brand new or have ridden before, our goal is to teach you the right techniques and habits to help create a solid foundation to start a long career of riding and learning. While we love to share our passion for riding, we also realize that riding a motorcycle poses considerable risk. We want our students to fully understand those risks and to have the knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with them. No single course or school can turn a novice rider into an experienced expert, only years of riding, along with dedicated practice, can do that. We’ve been nurturing a community of over 28 thousand riders and we do it well.

At Too Cool Motorcycle School, all of our instructors and the training lot have been certified by Alberta Transportation since 2003. The training lot is located in the southeast parking lot of McMahon Stadium has been recognized as one of the safest facilities in Alberta.

We have the bikes and when it comes to gear, we got you covered!

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