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For those with little or no experience, the Basic Courses are the perfect place to start.

Bike and gear included!

Test Preps for Alumni

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Class 6 Refresher

For class 6 holders looking to dust off those winter cobwebs and/or get to know their personal machine better.

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Off Road Academy

Riding off road has a totally different skill set than is used on pavement. Be more comfortable on gravel.

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Too Cool Hit Air

Another way we want to keep you safer.

Personal safety airvests and accessories
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Where Freedom Begins

Great Rides start with Too Cool!

Hello and thanks for stopping by Too Cool Motorcycle School!

Whether you are brand new or have ridden before, our goal is to teach you the right techniques and habits to help create a solid foundation to start a long career of riding and learning. While we love to share our passion for riding, we also realize that riding a motorcycle poses considerable risk. We want our students to fully understand those risks and to have the knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with them. No single course or school can turn a novice rider into an experienced expert, only years of riding, along with dedicated practice, can do that. We’ve trained over 26 thousand riders and we do it well.

At Too Cool Motorcycle School, all of our instructors and the training lot have been certified by Alberta Transportation since 2003. The training lot is located in the south parking lot at McMahon Stadium has been recognized as one of the safest facilities in Alberta.

We have the bikes and when it comes to gear, we got you covered!


Learn to Ride. It will be the best decision ever!


For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, the Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Course a useful refresher. We supply you with use of up to six different bikes and all the gear: helmet, gloves, jacket, boots and back protector. We even have rain gear if it gets a little wet out!




4.5 HRS Online Theory incl.


18.5 HRS On Bike

Mon-Thurs Days or Nights

Sat/Sun Morning or Afternoon



Currently suspended due to Covid

Mon-Thurs Daytime Includes extras over the silver course


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2.5 HRS to test the waters before

committing to a full course.

Select Fri, Sat/Sundays


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4.5 HRS Online Theory 18 HRS On Bike

Select Fridays and/or Sundays


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3 HRS On lot and on road prep for

Grads/Non Grads of Too Cool

$179/$246 – 2.5HRS Private 1:1 Practice


– Select Saturdays and Sundays

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Our Locations:


Off Road Academy (under construction) please email for dates.

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Island Tours(under construction)


Hit Air Vests (under construction)


Your Awesome Team

You do not get to be one of our instructors by training for a weekend or two, or by simply having an instructor’s license. We like to keep our bar high. Before they work with students on their own, our instructors put in hundreds of hours as students themselves, with experienced instructors as their mentors. Furthermore, a commitment to continuous improvement of their own skills, knowledge and training techniques is a basic requirement for each and every one of our instructors which they take pride in. Some of our instructors have experience on the racetrack, from 50cc mini to professional motorcycle road racing. In addition, they have dirt and off-road experience, which is one of the best ways to broaden your skills.



Trevor Dech

Chief Instructor

Trevor took to riding motorcycles when his dad sat him on a bike at the tender age of three. He began teaching in 1991 and has taught over 26,000 people since…



DAYNON “Inde” Steiert


The newest member of our Team has many kms and the passion and enthuasiasm that makes him a perfect match!




Motorcycle Operations Manager

Or known as M.O.M for short. She looks after the students and her team.



JACK “Bulls-Eye” LATTA

Private Instructor

Private Instructor



JAMIE “Hellbent” Kidd


Too Cool’s first female instructor!



SANDRA “Hurricane” Morrison

Team Medic


Some of Our Sponsors & Friends!

We are so lucky and appreciative for the support of so many in the motorcycle community!