Basic lessons

Courses run April – October, weather (health emergency) dependent


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BASIC Learn To Ride:  23 Hours,  $623 +gst = $654.15

• 4.5hrs Online Theory & Online Resources (available within 12 HRS of registration)
• Bikes: use of at least 4 different types in various styles
• Gear Included: full-faced DOT approved helmet, riding jacket, gloves, boots, rain gear
• Graduation Certificate for Insurance rate reductions upon completion
• Grad perks: bike, gear and accessories discounts

BASIC Intro Only:  7 HRS,  $379 +gst = $397.95


REQUIREMENTS (Learn To Ride, Semi-Private, Intro Only):


In the classroom theory portion students are introduced to some of the controls of the motorcycle, and some of the theory behind their operation. Also discussed are some topics like how to choose the right motorcycle for you, safety equipment, as well as road, traffic and weather hazards.
Perhaps the greatest emphasis is placed on the importance of rider attitude.
Our classroom section concludes with a mandatory quiz covering all topics discussed. The classroom is also the best place to have questions answered on a wide range of subjects as the on-bike portion of the course is devoted mainly to riding.
access available upon confirmation of registration


To begin, our first section of the course is focused on the absolute basics: getting on and off the bike, pushing the bike, parking it, starting up and shutting down the engine. Following this we cover moving off and stopping, slow-speed riding and shifting up and down.
Our second section is done using exercises which make up the foundation of operating a motorcycle. You will learn techniques needed to maneuver the bike at slow and intermediate speeds with an emphasis on smooth machine control.
If you are deemed ready by our instructors, you will take part in our fourth section which takes you on a controlled group ride with your classmates and instructors. The duration of the ride will be dependent on the groups’ skills levels. The ride tries to cover all types of conditions beginning with slow, low-traffic residential routes and works up to major roads.

The on-bike training is located at the South East parking lot of McMahon Stadium.


We offer Afternoon and Evening courses within the Weekday and Weekend.

Weekday Afternoons (one week)
• Day 1: 11:46am – 4:45pm
• Day 2: 12:07pm – 4:45pm
• Day 3: 12:07pm – 4:45pm
• Day 4: 12:23pm – 5:00pm

Weekday Evenings (one week)
• Day 1: 5:23pm – 10:30pm
• Day 2: 5:23pm – 10:00pm
• Day 3: 5:23pm – 10:00pm
• Day 4: 5:23pm – 10:00pm

Weekend Mornings (2 weekends)
• Day 1: 8:16am – 1:16pm
• Day 2: 8:07am – 12:45pm
• Day 3: 8:07am – 12:45pm
• Day 4: 8:23am – 1:00pm

Weekend Afternoons (2 weekends)
• Day 1: 1:59pm – 7:00pm
• Day 2: 1:23pm – 6:00pm
• Day 3: 1:23pm – 6:00pm
• Day 4: 1:23pm – 6:00pm

Alt Afternoons (Full last day)
• Day 1: 10:46am – 3:45pm
• Day 2: 11:07pm – 3:45pm
• Day 3: 11:07pm – 3:45pm
2nd half: 4:15pm – 8:45pm

July 23/24, 31 (Full last day)
• Day 1: 10:46am – 3:45pm
• Day 2: 11:07pm – 3:45pm
• Day 3: 8:07pm – 12:45pm
2nd half: 4:15pm – 8:45pm

July 05, 07-09
Day 1: 5:23pm – 10:30pm
Day 2: 5:23pm – 10:00pm
Day 3: 5:23pm – 10:00pm
Day 4: 10:23am – 3:00pm

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