Class 6 Refresher

Whether you are newly licensed or have  been riding for years, it’s nice to dust off cobwebs or take it back to basics and practice the foundational skills.  We will go through the techniques needed to execute maneuvers at low and intermediate speeds with emphasis on smooth machine control. Then as  the police and EMS do, we focus our attention on bike control in emergencies and the decision making process needed in these situations by refreshing collision avoidance, controlled optimum braking and trail braking


  • Hold a valid Class 6 license and be a minimum of 16 years of age. Parental waiver will be required for those under aged in Alberta.
  • Your own bike.  All types of machines are acceptable but must be in good working condition, with a full tank of gas, no fluid leaks, tires and brakes in excellent condition.
  • Valid registration and insurance.
  • Your own safety gear: dot approved helmet (full-faced recommended), boots, gloves, jacket (leather or synthetic recommended), pants (leather or synthetic recommended, Chaps are acceptable in the course).

May 14, 5:46pm – 10pm
May 21, 5:46pm – 10pm
Jun 11, 5:46pm – 10pm
Jun 20, 11:16am – 3:30pm OR 3:46pm – 8pm

Price: $289+gst
It should be understood that although we try hard to prevent it, it is possible that you could fall during these exercises and your motorcycle could sustain damage. You need to be willing to accept this risk.

The refresher courses takes place at the south east parking lot of McMahon Stadium.