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I ,
  • attest that I am a competent rider and am familiar with the motorcycle controls and am able to ride up to a minimum of "highway speeds"
  • agree that this agreement is strictly for the motorcycle only as I have my own gear. I take full responsibility for the motorcycle while it is in my control and agree to be 100% responsible for the damages up to the full replacement value of the motorcycle occurring while it is in "my control".
    • If I damage the motorcycle and it is deemed unrideable, or for any other reason I do not continue, I am still responsible for all fees for the period the bike is rented.
    • : if I purchased the Damage Limitation Package ("DLP"), I limit my responsibility to $500.
    • If I damage the bike and it is still rideable, my "deductible" now increases from $500 to $1500 only in the event of additional damage (ie. second crash). The final decision on whether it is rideable will be made by TCMS, and insurance.
  • I will be the only rider of the motorcycle and understands if anyone else rides it during the time I have rented it, this contract will be revoked, the motorcycle parked and no fees will be refunded.
  • I understand this is the only motorcycle TCMS has for me to ride.
    • I crash it and it is deemed rideable, whether I am able to continue to ride it will be at the sole discretion of TCMS.
    • If it is deemed un-rideable, it will not be replaced and in either case my money will not be refunded.
  • It is my responsibility to be adequately covered by own insurance in case of injury.
  • I will ensure the tank is filled back to full upon return.
  • TCMS may collect a $500 refundable damage deposit if I elect to purchase of DLP or $1000 if I elect to waive the purchase of the DLP.


  • I am required to make written notice to cancel my reservation no later than fourteen (14) full days before my course date to have 50% of my rental fees refunded or 100% transfer subject to availability.
  • I am aware that I may apply my transfer to another rental date, or to a TCMS course on my own bike.
    • I transfer the bike rental within fourteen (14) days of the event, I will be charged a $69 transfer fee for the transfer.
    • the transfer must be within the same calendar year, and no refund will be given.
  • am also aware that the school cancellation policies differ from the motorcycle cancellation policy.


I acknowledge that I have read and understand this agreement in it entirety and agree to all TCMS requirements for motorcycle rental. I also authorize any charges beyond the deposits ($500 with DLP, $1000 without DLP) as per the terms. If the motorcycle is returned undamaged at the end of my rental period, I understand any deposits will be returned to me. If I have any concerns or questions I will alert TCMS and will ride only if they have been addressed.




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