You do not get to be one of our instructors by training for a weekend or two, or by simply having an instructor’s license. We like to keep our bar high. Before they work with students on their own, our instructors put in hundreds of hours as students themselves, with experienced instructors as their mentors. Furthermore, a commitment to continuous improvement of their own skills, knowledge and training techniques is a basic requirement for each and every one of our instructors which they take pride in. Some of our instructors have experience on the racetrack, from 50cc mini to professional motorcycle road racing. In addition, they have dirt and off-road experience, which is one of the best ways to broaden your skills.

Chief Instructor

Trevor took to riding motorcycles when his dad sat him on a bike at the tender age of three. He began teaching in 1991 and has taught over 26,000 people since. He was a pro road racer at the CMRA, winning both the Superbike and Heavyweight championships in 2004. His energy, enthusiasm, profound experience and genuine riding talent, along with his constant passion for the sport and his need to share it with others is what makes Trevor an exceptional instructor. Cool fact, Trevor is also the first Canadian 3C coach for the Yamaha Champion’s School!


Daynon really understands what riding is all about. He is a graduate of Too Cool himself and from the moment he rode on the street his natural riding talent and now his very honest approach to coaching is just great to watch. Even away from coaching he is immersed in things motorcycle related either by watching videos of how to get better, working on his own bikes or watching Supercross. He truly believes in the Too Cool values.

JACK “Bulls-Eye” LATTA

Jack strives for perfection and has attended Rich Oliver’s Mystery School and Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp. He has made many a lap at track days up in Edmonton where he also got his wife hooked on riding at the track. Next up is the California Super Bike School at Laguna – we sure wish we could be there with him! Jack understood what it is like to be a student. He always found the right thing to say and his coaching style complemented our school. If you’re up at Castrol, you may see him zipping around on track days – that’s where he hopes to spend some of his free time now!

Motorcycle Operations Manager

Lanchi is really the nervous system of our team. She loves riding and helping people do things that some might see as impossible or that others may have said you could not do. It’s how she met the Chief – at 5’2″ and 80 pounds soaking wet, she wanted to see if she was big enough to ride. From that moment on, Trevor knew that her heart made up for any lack of height or size. Her will is second to none. She not only pushes Trevor to be the best instructor he can be, she supports our students so that they too can achieve their dream and find that amazing ride. She really lives up to the title of M.O.M.

Offroad Instructor

all about Tom here

Offroad Instructor, Team Medic

all about the David here

Mechanical Support

Don is a Journeyman Red Seal Mechanic with over 35 years of industry experience turning more wrenches on more bikes than you could imagine. He’s been riding for even more – drag racing for over 40 years, taking home 13 championships and 4 Wally’s! He is the founder and owner of Universal Cycle, one of the largest independently owned motorcycle shops in Calgary and area. Don is a no-BS guy who stands behind his and his crew’s work which is why Universal is Too Cool’s go-to. Like Trev, Don eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes this love called motorcycling.


While we teach small class sizes, our fleet is something we are proud of. We have spent alot of time into look at what works and what doesn't which has resulted in the lineup we have. It is important to us that we can transition you through different bikes. Not only does it assist in laying that foundational component to building your confidence but it gives you the opportunity to experience not only the different styles but the difference between the similar style amongst manufacturers. A great way to have a feel for what works best for you.


This cute, little, naked bike is a non intimidating and super fun start to riding. Definitely the favourite since it’s joined the fleet.


These 250cc bikes are a class and instructor favourite, and great in every way. After only five minutes, most students don’t want to get off.


The Honda CBR300R is what they call a full fairing motorcycle and shares the same engine as the CB300R and Rebel 300. It protects you from the wind and the riding position for some people just feels like the right machine to recharge their smile. It’s so much fun when you find yourself tucked in behind its fairing weeeeeeeeee!!!!!


The CB300R’s is the naked and more upright version and as mentioned shares the same engine as the CBR and the Rebel. It is one of the motorcycles with a taller stance. It tucks you into its tank to give you the rider a real sense of connection not only to the bike itself but to your environment.


The Yamaha R3’s have a 320cc engine. It offers a solid combination of class-leading power and light, agile handling.

The incredible MotoGP inspired M1 race bike styling on the 2019 model, an easy to ride personality and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun riding experience. While it has the same great engine and clutch it has a different riding feel than its predecessor - what a difference a year can make! They are definitely one of the favourites for students and instructors alike.


The naked more upright and just as fun version of the R3.


This little Enduro / Adventure motorcycle has been so popular we had to get another. This style gives you a more upright riding position, a soft seat and a wonderful cushioned suspension that makes you feel you’re riding on a cloud. It has a spunky little engine with a smooth clutch and gives you the option of going a little off-road if your heart so desires.


The CRF250L could be considered the XT-250’s bigger brother with its taller and firmer seat. Being light and nimble they make a great street bike. And with the little teeth on the foot pegs they provide you with a great connection through your feet when you stand up for some off road.


The best sounding bike in the fleet, the Yamaha VStar 250’s a real V-Twin engine with a classic fuel tap and cruiser style feet forward arms wide positioning. It’s just so much fun having your butt close to the ground as you cruise around those curves and on those long highways taking you to places to just enjoy. This could be a start of a wonderful experience.


The Rebel 300 has their own attitudes that’s for sure. While it share the same engines as some of the other bikes they provide a completely different riding experience. Either you will love them or hate them. There really is no in between. These are for sure a must try. We call them our little bobbers because when you ride them you just feel like bobbing your head. They are designed similar to the Harley’s fat boy made famous from Arnold Schwarzenegger.