Terms and Conditions


The following outlines the terms, conditions, and policies set forth by Too Cool Motorcycle School Inc. (TCMS) pertaining to registration in a course with TCMS. This is to help assist you in preparing yourself for your course. Terms & Conditions: Effective Jan 4, 2019, precedes any other copies Submitting your registration and payment constitutes that you have thoroughly read in its entirety, understood and are agreeable with the following terms and conditions.

  1. REGISTRATION PREREQUISITES: a. BASIC COURSES You must have a minimum class 5 Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) or equivalent, be at least sixteen (16) years of age – parental consent required for minors. You DO NOT have to have your written test done prior to your course. Basics / Intro: You are required to wear a full-faced helmet and all gear provided whether as a whole or at the discretion of TCMS in addition to your personal gear. You MUST also have the ability to proficiently ride a 2-wheeled pedal bike. We require that you start or get back on your pedal bike prior to your on lot practical session. The safety of everyone present is our paramount concern. The inability to balance will mean that you will be sent home as balance is a requirement in order for you to safely operate a motorcycle. In addition, you must do the homework that is provided to you. Failure to do so can and most often does result in unsuccessful outcomes for the student. Test Preps: Must have graduated from Too Cool or have proof of a graduation from an Alberta accredited school. Private Sessions: You must be able to demonstrate within the first 30 minutes that you have sufficient control and understanding of the operations of the motorcycle. It will be at the discretion of the instructor whether or not you will go on the road and or continue on the road. The inability to demonstrate control of the motorcycle and safe navigation within traffic will mean that you will be sent home. b. REFRESHERS You are required to have a class 6 driver’s license, and be at least sixteen (16) years of age to register – parental consent required if under the age of minority. You will also require a full faced helmet, the appropriate riding gear, and a bike that is in proper working order, registered and insured. Again, the inability to demonstrate control of the motorcycle in order to participate in the class will mean that you will be sent home.
  2. REGISTRATION FEES AND CONFIRMATION: You agree to pay in full the registration fee that is applicable to your course in order to secure your seat in the course. As your confirmation email and any correspondence that may follow will be sent to your email, it is your responsibility to make sure it is correct and up to date. Any issues or questions must immediately be brought up to TCMS. We are not responsible for courses missed as a result of any missed correspondence.
  3. CANCELLATION / REBOOKING / REFUNDS: **No Refund once a course has commenced under ANY circumstances. ** a. CANCELLATION (Unless superseded by a non-refundable promo) • 14 full days before your Basic course (includes Intro) or classroom whichever is first $69 • 14 full days before your Basic course & after classroom $146 • 14 full days before your Refresher / Test Preps $92 / $69 • Within 14 days of your Basic Course, Intro, Refresher / Test Preps No Refund / $92 b. REBOOKING (Unless superseded by a non-refundable promo) c. • 14 full days before your Basic course $69 • Within 14 days of your Basic course – Silver $230 • Within 14 days of your Basic course – Gold $283 • Within 14 days of your Refresher course $123 For the Basic Course, in the event that you do not successfully demonstrate the skills required to proceed to graduation day, you will be offered one opportunity where space is available to redo part or all of the 4 on bike modules at $110 per day for Silver and $135 per day for Gold. Modules required will be at the discretion of the instructor. To be done by 30 days unless otherwise arranged. If you require a full redo of the onbike, there may be a mandatory minimum 30 waiting period in order to be more prepared. TCMS reserves the right to reschedule a course in the event of weather or issues beyond our control. We will do our best to work with your schedule and our availability. However, the cancellation/refund policies will still apply if you choose to cancel. If your schedule does not allow you to complete the remainder for 30 days and over, you are responsible for keeping on top of review to be prepared when you continue. In the event that the reschedule occurs at the end of the season where we are unable to schedule you, your course will be deferred to the next season. Deferrals will only be allowed for one instance and must be done within one calendar year. Again, the cancellation/refund policies still apply in all cases.
  4. REASONS FOR DISMISSAL & TERMINATION OF REGISTRATION INCLUDING PREGNANCIES If you are pregnant, this course is not for you. If you become pregnant after having booked your course, please contact our office immediately. If it is discovered that you failed to disclose or conceal that information in order to continue with the course, your registration will be terminated immediately. As the curriculum is progressive, you are required to be on time to your class. Late arrivals may be turned away. Each module requires the successful completion of the previous module and therefore missing a day in whole or part will result in termination of registration for the remainder of your course. Participants can and will be dismissed with the immediate termination of registration due to any and all behaviours TCMS finds to be inappropriate, unsafe, or illegal including and not limited to the following reasons: • Found to be under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs, failure to follow instructions • Harassment of any kind towards anyone including and not limited to a classmate, instructor, or staff of TCMS • Falsified information on registration.
  5. SUBSTITUTIONS, TRANSFERS OR ADDITIONS Substitutions, transfers or additions of any kind are prohibited during the course. In some cases, a transfer will be allowed prior to the course at the discretion of TCMS with sufficient notice and all requirements/prerequisites are met. An administrative fee of $69 will be due.
  6. GIFT CERTIFICATES Transfers of certificate will be allowed under approval of TCMS and cannot be redeemed for cash. Purchasers can request reissue of lost certificates with proof of purchase and will be subject to a $23 fee. Cancellation and rebooking policies apply once certificates are redeemed for a course.
  7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: TCMS reserves the right to refuse registration by anyone at any time and for any reason. TCMS also reserves the right to change and update their conditions at any time. Again, by continuing with this registration you are acknowledging that you have thoroughly read through this Agreement in its entirety and understand its contents. You certify that the information you have given pertaining to your registration is deemed to be correct and truthful. You also understand that you are to email LearnToRide@TooCoolRides.ca to make any corrections and/or additions to your registration.