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Here are some of our past students, and their experience.

Best Experience Ever

I rarely do google reviews on Companies, this is one I had to do because anyone who is looking to learn how to ride and for those that have been riding for years – you need to come to Too Cool! Trevor, Rene and Danya (Spelling?) were outstanding. They break down information that is easy to understand, build confidence and entertain you with their off-the-wall humor. These guys work really hard to make sure you get what you paid for – I couldn’t wait to get back the next day to do the drills and practices, I took the 4 day Gold Course and enjoyed every minute, got tons of riding in – Yippee! Thanks guys, really appreciate all your patience and fun-filled days!

Kathy Newcombe

Simply the best…

Hands down, the most hands on course I have ever taken! The instructors (Trevor, Rene and Brent) are so passionate about the sport, safety, and everything related. They were patient, kind and supportive. They provided encouragement and positive reinforcement when things just didn’t click. The positive energy that radiated on the course was contagious. The road ride was an excellent way to “practice” our skills…I am looking forward to obtaining my Class 6! I didn’t want it to end and…it was an amazing experience!

Thanks Too Cool Team for allowing me to become a student and learn with you! I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so!

Lanchi – thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions in a professional, prompt manner…much appreciated! You deserve more credit that you receive!

Connie Hutchison


My son attended this motorcycle training….
Even though i’m an old rider, as a father i was a bit nervous with this idea of him to join me in the future and to ride together, specially when he was only 16.
It has been a year since he finished the training……and now we ride the wind together. You guys did a wonderful work!!
He has become a confident rider and also turned into my mentor as he point out the good riding tips you guys taught him…..you can appreciate that i did also indirectly benefited from the professional training that too cool provides.
Thank you!!

Gustavo Ribera

A Must For Anyone using Pavement!!!

previous customer motorcycle

I just finished the basic course last week. This course is a must for anyone using public roads, even if just to get educated about the great sport of motorcycling. The instructors, Trevor, Rene, and Brent represent the best of what motorcycling is all about; fun, constant learning, making everyone feel welcomed & worthy of learning from the best, and let’s not forget the best of sarcasm, weird but useful humor. These gentlemen know how to teach while making it feel like a vacation! I can’t recommend this course enough. I miss these guys already, and the wonderful students who were part of our class. A million and one thanks!!!!!!!

Mike Lavoy

A brilliant course

The course was excellent. The facilities, instructors and equipment were all first rate. As someone who rode for almost a decade but had not been on a bike for almost 30 years this course was just what I needed. The instruction was first class – even if some of the jokes were a bit corney. The instructors were very focused on extracting the best from each student. The great thing about this course is that not only does it show you how to pass the test but it also teaches you how to survive on real roads.

Philip Wilson

Basic Street Riding was a great introduction to safely operating and maintaining a bike.

Class was well-structured from beginning to end and the fear-factor for myself as a novice diminished remarkably.
Instructors friendly, knowledgeable and quickly tune-in to an individuals needs and points to work on. If needed extra focus, you heard about it. Love it!
Due to bad weather involving snow, the class was interrupted and protracted over two weeks requiring logistical shuffling of schedules to accommodate our needs and ensure riding safely. Very thoughtful and much appreciated!

Gregory F Hayden

Amazing Course!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!

Coming into this course with zero experience driving a motorcycle, I didn’t know what to expect, I was a ball of nervous… On Day 1 when they told me on, that we would be driving 100km on Day 4, my heart dropped… I couldn’t even think of going over 10km… both Trevor and Rene reassured me, over and over…

Couldn’t ask for more patient instructors than Trevor, Rene, and Brent. They made sure they covered everything. Helped me build the confidence that was needed… the personal stories and mishaps really made you start thinking this out more. The humor of the instructors was amazing, and they knew when it was need, and times when I needed words of wisdom or the kick in the butt to figure things out.

I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE wanting to ride!!

Lanchi – thank you for taking the time to answer ALL my many…many questions via email and arranging it so I could be in the afternoon class…much appreciated! You deserve raise!!

Tracy Johnston

Best training I ever got.

clyde's motorcycle

When I was 20 I got a bike and just got on the road, back then that’s just how it was done. One day a senior crept into my lane. I booted her car (bad idea) and she went back into her lane. What freaked me out was she never looked to see where the noise came from, it was like this sort of thing happened all the time to her. I hung up my helmet, but riding stayed on my bucket list and the bug bit me again last year. This time I knew I needed to ‘do it right’ and get professional training. I had some work conflicts but the guys managed to squeeze me into a class that fit my schedule and the 3 days I spent on-bike in the course changed my life. I really mean that. The drills and practice I did gave me skills and confidence (but not too much). I was nervous going on the road ride but by the time it was over I knew: 1) how to avoid problems in traffic like the one that stopped me from riding so many years ago, 2) what kind of bike would make me a better rider and do and go where I wanted to take it, and 3) that I couldn’t wait to do my road test and get that badge of accomplishment, a class 6 endorsement on my licence. The only regret I have is not taking this course years ago.

Clyde Pawluk

a truly amazing experience!

Now that I’ve graduated, I miss the class very much! I was truly amazing to start on Monday night without any riding experience and nervous to the fourth night doing a full road ride with confidence. I can’t say enough about how great Trevor, Rene, Brent, and Jamie were as instructors. They were also so positive and encouraging. It was all the little touches such as memorizing everyone’s name, always a handshake when showing up and at the end of the class. Trevor’s stories made it real and unforgettable.

I would recommend TooCool to anyone even if you just want to do something out of your comfort zone and go away with new skills and confidence.

Vince Blue

Vincent Blue

After having a accident on

After having a accident on the Deerfoot I took the course to build my confidence again. The whole too cool team was very supportive and I learned so much. Thank you!!!

Tapatha Curnew

Great foundation. Great staff. Great experience.

he course was AMAZING. Well put together – they had all the equipment needed and laid it out for you each day. The staff was knowledgeable, approachable, and fun – their years of experience shows! I came out a confident rider and would recommend any rider (new or experienced) to take it.

Jessica Larocque

To be honest, you guys

To be honest, you guys re the bomb like boom! boom!! boom!!! learnt some things about life i developed a formula that could be applied to any thing i call D + D = D… Desire +Discipline = Delight. D – D = d ….. Desire – Discipline = dangerous D (Discipline) = P + P = P …… Practice + Perseverance = Perfection First off, Don’t blame what ever bike you are giving on the first day. lol, let them choose the size of your gear… hahaha, the dude has been riding for 44 years…. Before i came like anyone else, i had a 7yrs desire, family and friends didn’t like the sports, they felt it was too dangerous. Trevor, Jordan and Rene are awesome, its inspiring having instructors that won’t give up on you cause first day, failed balance test, i thought that was it, my drive home was filled with mixed feelings, 2nd day, i sucked (could even follow simple cones, no sense of direction at all), i almost gave up and said will stick to cars, but then desire was burning and i had to remind myself that i was gathering tools for practise, 3rd day, i was like “these guys would be tired of me by now”, but no…. and on the forth day. being on that road, enjoying the moment of desire, applying all the skills taught, that first step of discipline and thinking to myself, wow!!! am on a sports bike, am on a SPORTS BIKE… with delight flowing through my body…. this is the school you wanna be… cause really the greatest of people suck initially, got impatient with themselves but had people who were patient with them. besides it was fun playing catch with trevor watching how relaxed he was on the bike gave me a sense of how relaxed i should me…. enough of words, going shopping now….

Oluwaseun (Timi) Jolaoso

When life throws you a curve …. lean in – My New Life Motto

I cant thank Trevor, Renee, Jay and Brent, enough for all they taught me and the encouragement and confidence they gave me. I took the 4 day gold course this year in early April and learned so much from them. I transitioned those learnings to my own brand new cruiser quite easily. Two weeks ago, I took the Test Prep class and then went online to book the test. Two days ago I showed up at the Registry for my class 6 test on my bike (1100cc) and nailed it. I didn’t use the Too Cool testing link because I couldn’t get in quickly and wanted to get it done. Road test was filled with tons of road construction, stop and go traffic, and two drivers who seemed hell bent on taking me out. But I used the skills “Too Cool” taught in class and navigated it all safely and fearlessly because I trusted in my training. After the road test, the Examiner said to me “not sure who your instructors were, but they did a great job. Good ride in tough conditions….. now here’s your class 6”. When I told him it was “Too Cool”, he just smiled and nodded. So thanks again guys, You took me from never having driven myself on a bike to being a fully licensed class 6 rider with my own bike in less than 2 months.

Bernadette Nowak

Super worth your while

so happy i took this course. very passionate and patient and knowledgable instructors.
we all started fresh, and after 3 long evenings on the lot – on the fouth one we were all ready for the road, little nervous, but well prepared and happy. thank you too cool.
i plan to go back for more training actually, and i warmly recommend this to all.


A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Mike on his motorcycle

I completed the Silver course on Sunday morning 7th May 2017 with a cold wet ride around the city. The skills that Trevor, Rene and Brett had shared with and embedded in me, gave me a sense of confidence and proficiency that made the ride extremely enjoyable. The big question for me now was when to take the test. Today 10th May, I went out with a friend with a class 6 who was willing to ride with me, after the ride he said that in his experience after watching me ride for 3 hours that I should take the test as soon as possible. I had demonstrated the skills, techniques and competence to pass the test.
Also the connections that Trevor shared helped me get a good deal on insurance, listen to this guy he knows what he is talking about.
Trevor and team thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Lanchi thanks for your patience and support with all my dumb ass questions.
The choice and variety of bikes allowed me to get a good understanding of how each type works, big hint don’t dismiss the Groms they are kick ass fun.
Cant wait to get out on the road again, the biking bug has definitely bitten me. Hope to see you guys in the next few weeks over at the McMahon car park with a class 6 in hand!

Mike Donoghue

Fun, “Too Cool”, and Worth It

One of the best experiences. The instructors, Trevor, Rene and Brent were amazing! I can only imagine how long it would take to be introduced to all the techniques without their help. Well, I kinda can….. And it would certainty be the hard way.

Thanks guys! You are all rockstars! Way “Too Cool”

Colin Keir

Just amazing

grom reapers motorcycle crew

All I can say is if I had to go back and take a course again to get ready for my class 6 this is absolutely the course I would be taking. Trevor and his crew are amazing people and take all the hard times out and makes learning the seriousness of being free fun and enjoyable. I don’t know about others but the Too Cool crew made me feel like I was part of the family!!

Daniel Jancik

Experience of a lifetime!!!

I came into class with zero experience on a motorcycle. I did my homework from class time and then, in four nights of training on different motorcycles, I was a little nervous but those nerves soon went right away during our group ride on the road. Words can’t express how impressed I was with the instructors, the training and the knowledge acquired within those four days. This is a true life experience! I am grateful for trying something new and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I always felt safe while learning with the instructors and I learned techniques to help me ride safely and be a confident rider. Truly thankful for what I have learned and I highly recommend this school. If you are considering learning, hands down, there is no question, Too Cool is the best!!!

Christina Sands