Test Prep / Private Practice

If you are looking to get in a bit more practice before you challenge the road test we have a couple of options for you.

TEST PREP: Congrats on completing your basic course!  Our instructors will spend 3 Hrs with you to help you prepare.  This includes going through what the examiners are looking for, some on lot practice on the bike, and a mock road test.  This is a great way to feel more confident for your road exam.  Graduates must have proof of completion from an Alberta Transportation approved rider training school in order to take this course.  Bike and gear included

PRIVATE PREP: You will have the opportunity to spend 1:1 time with an instructor on your personal bike to work on any areas you feel needs work.  (Let us know if you don’t have your own bike/gear but are still interested in private 1:1 training.)

Available on select Fridays all day, Saturday, or Sunday evenings.  Limited space available

Preps and practices take place in the south east parking lot of McMahon Stadium

Course Prices:
$246 + GST *

*Too Cool Alum has a $67 credit to be applied towards group Test Prep done within a year from graduation..

REGISTRATION REQUEST: Due to covid, we have had to make scheduling changes. Contact for availability