Too Cool Professional Riding Academy: Too Cool Street




noun: proclivity; plural noun: proclivities
a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing.

A professional riding day operating at Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM)

This course is for any street rider wishing to better their understand of riding two wheels at one of the safest venues we can offer as we have done for so many years for our Basic Learn to Ride Course at the SE lot of McMahon Stadium. A track environment allows us to get away from the distractions around us when we ride our machines so that we can focus on our riding comfort.

By using our focus-based riding drills we guarantee not only a big smile but an increased safety reserve with your motorcycle on today’s roads.

This is an upgraded relaunch of the advanced riding school back in the race city days. It was so popular that we still have people asking to this day when they can attend again. Well everyone here it is. We are going to show you what some of the top professionals have shared with us to help you understand better how your incredible two wheeled machine is designed to be ridden.

You will be provided a full day experience led by Chief Instructor, Trevor Dech that includes theory talks of the track specialized focus exercises and their respective on track session. This includes acceleration practice, emergency braking, brake modulation/trail braking, slow speed agility exercises, group riding techniques, etc.

Note: There is a max speed in the straightaways of 135km/h (North American speed limits)

• Valid Class 6
• Proper Gear
– full face helmet (no older than 5 years)
– riding gloves with knuckle protection
– riding jacket with elbow, shoulder and back protector
– riding pants
– riding boots with ankle protection
• Mechanically Sound Street Legal Motorcycle
• Valid Registration and Insurance
• Agreement to Terms TERMS
• Payment of Tuition
• Registration Forms completed
-Student information, terms and waivers, etc.

Date: July 06, 1:30PM – 8:00PM (will be required to arrive earlier for check-in)
Tuition: $569 +gst (only 11/23 spots)
Includes lunch from our friends at Good Earth Creekside

Note this is a non-refundable booking, do not proceed unless you agree.

The Track: 30145, Range Rd 10A, Carstairs, AB T0M 0N0

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