Amazing Course!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!

Amazing Course!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!

March 19, 2020 0

Coming into this course with zero experience driving a motorcycle, I didn’t know what to expect, I was a ball of nervous… On Day 1 when they told me on, that we would be driving 100km on Day 4, my heart dropped… I couldn’t even think of going over 10km… both Trevor and Rene reassured me, over and over…

Couldn’t ask for more patient instructors than Trevor, Rene, and Brent. They made sure they covered everything. Helped me build the confidence that was needed… the personal stories and mishaps really made you start thinking this out more. The humor of the instructors was amazing, and they knew when it was need, and times when I needed words of wisdom or the kick in the butt to figure things out.

I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE wanting to ride!!

Lanchi – thank you for taking the time to answer ALL my many…many questions via email and arranging it so I could be in the afternoon class…much appreciated! You deserve raise!!