Premier experience !!I had ridden

Premier experience !!I had ridden

October 3, 2022 0

Premier experience !!

I had ridden a motorcycle/dirt bike from the time I was 10ish to 17. Helped set up CMA sanctioned track and thought I was a good rider. I didn’t touch a bike for 40 ish years and decided (mid life crisis??) I should do it again. This time I wanted to do some road riding and after all that time I decided I should take a course, even though I “knew” how to ride !!!! I wanted to utilize the course to get my balance back and just the general skills brushed back up. I researched and decided on Too Cool after reading the reviews.
I am so vey glad I did.
I learned more in the few weeks of the school than I had ever known before. I had always struggled tight turning my light dirt bike in the “old Days”. I am now, easily, able to take a 1000lb cruiser and turn it around in any space without ever putting my feet on the ground due to what I learned in this school. The aspects of safety and motorcycle control they teach and follow daily at this learning center are now my most cherished skills. The best thing is the way it’s taught. There are moments of sheer seriousness and so many more moments of Laughter due to the awesome humor of all the instructors. This light hearted but very serious teaching method is never overbearing nor pressured. They take the time to find the method to teach “YOU” that works best for your learning style.
The other hidden aspect is they never stop caring about you as a rider after the course. Stopping by the lot and managing to catch Trevor or any of the instructors when they are not teaching is like coming “Home”. It’s always a hearty welcome and massive smiles. How Trevor does it I don’t know but he never seems to forget his students.
Highly recommend this place if you want to learn to ride in a SAFE and fun manner.

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